Fashion With a Mission: Team Kaiko Visits Nepal

28k. You’ve probably seen this number floating around on our social media channels, or at exhibitions, etc. It’s the number we’ve donated through our 7% initiative to make Kaiko a fashion brand with a BIG mission. But even for our team, the moment tires hit the tarmac and we landed for the first time in Nepal, the country which that 28k has been sent to, it was a dream come true moment that we’ll never forget.
Kaiko Nepal
Since Kaiko began nearly 3 years, our slogan ‘Fashion with a Mission’ has been the driving force behind every direction we take, every decision we make. Yes, it influences the fabrics we choose and the way we design our products. It guides our choices with the producers we work with the ensure every Kaiko product is ethically produced. But it also answers the bigger questions, “Why are we here?” and, “What impact does our brand leave on this world?”

Kaiko Nepal

We choose to donate 7% of our profit to a non-profit organisation in Nepal called Women’s Bank, which empowers and equips women in rural areas to provide for themselves and their families and break the engrained cultural norms of women not being income producers. You’ve heard it said that ‘We rise by lifting women up.’ and Women’s Bank is doing just that.

During our 10 day trip to Nepal we got to encounter this unique culture up close while working to establish further connections and strengthen our ties to this beautiful country and it’s beautiful people. Cup after cup of tea is the rhythm of business, and we smiled and laughed with some of the most warm-hearted people we’ve ever met.

Kaiko Nepal

We also got to spend a day visiting a rural community where Women’s Bank is working to meet some of the faces & hear the stories of women who have been directly effected by the work of Women’s Bank in their area. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that poverty and hardship are everyday truths for many who call Nepal home – but all we felt that day was an immense sense of hope as we saw women taking leaps of faith to change that legacy for their families.

We cannot wait to share more with you about our time in Nepal that work we are doing there.