MiB goes Kaiko Clothing: discussion about a more sustainable clothing industry on 24/4.

We started this morning by opening our doors and welcoming ten mothers (and seven babies!) to discuss the future of the clothing industry and more sustainable choices and to consider from the consumer point of view the possibilities and challenges of the clothing industry in our joint effort to protect the environment.

'What is the carbon footprint of the clothing industry? How could I consume in an ethical and ecological way? What kinds of options and possibilities does the clothing industry have in the future? How does a mother of two small children combine the clothing business and motherhood? The clothing industry is one of the most environmentally damaging industries. Fast fashion and the throwaway culture, growing and modifying textiles as well as unethical working conditions are all dark sides of the clothing business. It is, indeed, clear that in the future the clothing industry must turn toward a more sustainable era.

The event is a part of the MiB Lab Future of our children project. The Future of our children project focuses on and encourages positive climate actions. The project concentrates both on promoting environmental awareness of families with children and increasing the professional environmental skills of working mothers. It is a temporary project that continues between 1/1/2019–30/6/2019.'

Thank you for your visit and excellent thoughts, Mothers In Business!