Welcome 2022!

Year 2021 - what a roller coaster! Now, however, I dare to say that we have overcome the challenges caused by the covid-19 for the second year in a row. Thanks to Kaiko's amazing team and to all of you, our wonderful customers. To my great delight, Kaiko's team has once again grown with great professionals and there are already 23 of us today!

While remote work has continued with the corona, and we’ve all had to work to maintain team spirit and motivation, fortunately there have also been many highlights in the year. The Finnish summer offered its best when Bambipaku stopped at a total of 25 stops all over Finland. Thank you to our sponsors Ruohonjuuri and Raikastamo for making the tour possible! Let's do it again next year! Collaboration with Moi Forest has also been one of the biggest joys of the year. Innovative, new generation cosmetics that respect our planet is the perfect match with Kaiko!

This year, we have donated a total of € 8,938 to the Women’s Bank and our team in Nepal. Part of the donation has been used directly to crisis support for our local workers and six new Nepalese women have been trained to make our jewelry. Work directed to Nepal, which can be done at home even during covid-19 lockdowns, has been more important than ever. Our dream of doing good with fashion is taking big steps every year!

Let's also take a look at the future. We are already looking forward to the next season, as we will launch something totally new - our first selection of swimwear and towels! Of course, there will also be interesting collaborations with a few wonderful Finnish brands, and hopefully next year we will be able to organize Kaiko's 5th anniversary and other amazing live events.

We also hope to grow in international markets during the year to come. The bigger Kaiko grows, the bigger impact we will be able to make to our surrounding society, increase our 7 % donation sum and expand both our production and educational projects in Nepal.

Of course it is only you, our wonderful customers, who make all this possible! If the average of product reviews you gave this year was 4.7 stars out of five, next year we aim for a full five. Thank you!

I would also like to thank Team Kaiko again for a rewarding and educational year. I am really proud of each of you, and really lucky to be able to work with you!

With warmest wishes,

-Mirjam Sokka, the founder & creative director of Kaiko