The Kaiko Women Full Bloom mini collection is infused with flower power and feasts on silky-smooth lyocell

A culmination of Kaiko’s Urban Wildflowers season, the women’s arresting Full Bloom mini collection invites you into a celebration among flowy silhouettes and flowers blooming in brilliant watercolors. The three-piece collection welcomes summer with the vivid Full Bloom floral composition, inspired by 90’s aesthetics.Kaiko Clothing

Light, silky and soft against the skin, lyocell is a perfect material for warm summer days, when you want your clothes to be breathable and feel cool. Floral and beautifully draping, lyocell charms in our Frill Button dress as well as in an elegant blouse and flowing pants, which when worn together create an enchanting floral uniform for the season. All the pieces in the collection have been ethically manufactured in Portugal. Kaiko ClothingFull Bloom invites you to color your world in flowers and be inspired by the power of colors!Kaiko ClothingThe Full Bloom collection launches on 12.5.2021.