Linen Empire Dress, Tangerine

The Linen Empire Dress is a part of Kaiko's Linen Edition, the exclusive linen/cotton collection. The dress comes with casual penguin sleeves and a sweet, fluttering hem. The button strip in the back, wooden buttons and turned up sleeves complement this linen dress. Fully lined. Available in the sun-kissed shade of
Tangerine. A perfect dress for summer parties!
  • 50 % organic cotton and 50% linen
  • Lining 100% organic cotton
  • Manufactured in a Finnish-owned factory in Portugal

General information about production and sustainability

Our fabrics are produced and our products are sewn in Portugal. We use GOTS certified organic cotton that has grown and spun into yarn in Turkey. Some products include a small amount of recycled polyester that makes the carbon footprint of the product smaller. Our recycled polyester comes from recycled plastic bottles. At Kaiko, we work constantly to find even more environmentally friendly materials for the future use.

Organic cotton

Kaiko’s organic cotton is naturally produced, GOTS certified cotton. Organic cotton tricot and sweatshirt fleece fabrics are soft to touch. They keep quality from wash to wash and don’t lose their shape or softness.


We want that our clothes are worn as much as possible. Especially children's’ clothes need to feel comfortable to wear. This is why some of our products include elastane that makes clothes better fitting, more elastic and comfortable to use.

Half-linen (linen-cotton)

Our half-linen (50% linen, 50% organic cotton) clothes have the best advantages of both materials: the shine of linen and the softness of cotton. This natural material gets only better when you wash and use it, and it feels adorable on your skin.

Recycled polyester

Our sweatshirt jersey includes a small amount of recycled polyester and it’s features the same with Kaiko’s traditional sweatshirt cotton fabric. Some sweatshirt cotton products include organic cotton, elastane and recycled polyester. By using recycled polyester we make our clothes last longer and make them less harmful for the environment.


Lyocell is a fibre that is made of wood pulp. The production chain is the same with viscose but lyocell can be produced by using nontoxic, organic chemical compounds. This makes lyocell more environmental friendly compared to viscose. When talking about production, lyocell also needs much less water than cotton. Lyocell is soft and falls beautifully. Lyocell fabric breaths and is soft to touch. It doesn’t get static either. Lyocell is bio compostable material.


Kaiko’s rubber bands are made from natural rubber (latex).

How to make your clothes last?

Check the laundry tag before laundering. You can wash the most of our clothes at 40 C. We recommend that you use a clothesline or drying rack to avoid fading colours and shrinking in a dryer.

We recommend that you wash your clothes with similar colours without fabric softeners. When you reshape your clothes damp after wash they keep their shape longer. Use a laundry bag with lyocell-based products and iron them when they are dry if needed. We recommend hand washing and wet shaping for tights.

Printed products should be washed inside out. Remember that stickers and zippers might harm other clothes if they are washed at the same time. Our clothes might shrink up to 5-8 % during the first wash.

Stains are easier to remove immediately but if you mark the stain later, try to remove it locally before putting the piece into washing machine. Soaking for a long time in cool water might be harmful for prints and colours.

By airing your clothes you don’t need to wash them all the time. Less washed clothes last longer.

Kaiko donates 7% of the profit of all sold clothing to educate women and children in Nepal. Our charity partner is Women's Bank that develops, expands and strengthens local women's institutions that promote social, economic and cultural rights in the region. Since our founding two years ago, we and our customers have donated over 18 000 euros to our destination, the Lalitpur region in Nepal.

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