Square Scarf, Blooming Forest Bright


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The Square Scarf is made of beautifully draped woven crepe fabric. The multi-purpose scarf can be wrapped around the hair, neck, head or, for example, as a bag decoration. The edges of the scarf are finished.

Choosing the right size

One size. Scarf size 60 cm x 60 cm

Fashion with a mission

"Kaiko was born from the desire to do good through fashion. Ethics and social responsibility are the core of Kaiko's entire operation. That's why we not only make our products transparently, but direct 7% of the profit of each product sold to educate Nepalese women and secure their livelihood." - Kaiko's founder & creative director Mirjam Sokka

Already €86,972 directed to Nepal together with our customers!

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Material and Country of Manufacture


Crepe viscose, 60% EcoVero™ viscose, 40% viscose

Crepe viscose gets its final feel in the first wash, where its texture becomes stronger and the fabric becomes denser - no ironing required! The fabric is beautifully draped, but still light and airy, so it also shines through in direct light a little. The crepe fabric gives the fabric a beautiful texture. The tissue is not exactly flexible, but the structure is so-called soft and it adapts to its wearer. Viscose crepe shrinks more than the cotton grades we use in washing. Shrinkage has been taken into account when sizing the dress, so that you don't necessarily need to iron it after washing. Shrinkage is very characteristic of viscose crepe fabric, but by ironing or steaming the product after washing, it returns almost completely to its original dimensions.

Country of manufacture: Finland