Environmental responsibility

We are responsible for change; the environment sets the boundaries for our work.


Material choices

We work continuously to offer you the most ecological options in the market.


Our goal is to be a carbon neutral business by 2024.


The high quality of our materials and work enables the long lifecycle, reusability and recycling of our products.

Material choices

We select all our materials with care; we study the environmental impact of materials and test how well they last wear and tear – and washes. All materials have their pros and cons from the perspective of sustainability and responsibility. This means that no textile fibre can be seen as a purely good or bad choice. However, we work continuously to ensure we are using the most ecological options in the market for our clothing.

An important part of Kaiko’s responsibility strategy is to reduce emissions, starting with us carefully calculating our emissions. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2024 when it comes to our direct activities (net zero). We have also signed the Finnish Textile and Fashion Organization’s “Carbon neutral textile industry 2035” pledge that serves as a concrete tool for businesses in the textile industry to curb climate change.


Carbon neutrality as the goal

We want to reduce textile waste by making products that last. Our collections are designed to be timeless, further promoting slow fashion ideals. Clothes with a longer lifecycle are less of a strain on the environment as each piece is used up before being discarded and becoming waste.  
Importantly, the quality of products starts at the design stage, when the most suitable and sustainable material is selected. We aim to create empowering fashion sprinkled with joy – products that last long, can take wear and tear and feel relevant season after season.

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