Knot Headband, Copper Bambi

A new member to the Kaiko accessories family! The Knot Headband is a minimalistic and stylish headband with a slip knot in the front. The Knot Headband crowns a cute outfit and keeps hair out of the face. Available in the iconic Copper Bambi pattern.

• 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane
• Sizes: S 40/42, M 44/46, L 48/50, XL 52/54, XXL 56/58
• Manufactured in Finland

Kaiko directs 7% of the profit of all sold clothing to educate women in Nepal. Our charity partner is Women's Bank that develops, expands and strengthens local women's institutions that promote social, economic and cultural rights in the region. Together with our customers, we've been able to donate over 28 000 € to the Women’s Bank’s cooperatives’ program in Lalitpur, Nepal.

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