Kaiko's jewelry line, Empowering Earrings, made ethically in Nepal, will be continued when wonderful new products arrive in the selection, the material choices of which have utilized locally available materials in Nepal.

Our Nepali partners, Anjila and Inju, want to support the livelihood of women in their own circle with their own activities and have trained six new women in the past year to make jewelry by hand. Kaiko's jewelry design takes into account the need of Nepali women to be able to work part-time from home and with easily available materials, because in addition to work, they also have to take care of children and the elderly in the family.

For women, earning their own living gives them opportunities to influence their own lives and the everyday life of the entire family community. After learning the art of jewelry making, women can also make jewelry for the needs of people other than Kaiko, which means that the learned skills can be widely used in the future as well.

Anilja says that making jewelry has given jewelry makers new faith in the future, especially because Nepal was treated harshly in the middle of the corona disaster. We publish Kaiko's new jewelry novelties with even greater appreciation and pride, knowing the positive meaning our jewelry has had in the lives of its makers.

In addition to the beloved earrings, the jewelry selection is complemented by other products; the versatile Hair Pin hair ornament creates a touch of luxury for everyday and party hairstyles, and the brass Aella pendant creates a uniform and timeless ensemble with the earrings belonging to the same series.

All the jewelry collection products are ethically made in Nepal. By choosing Kaiko, you are doing good and being part of the change. 7% of the profit from each product sold is directed to educating women in Nepal.

The Kaiko AW21 jewelry collection will be launched in Kaiko's online store and Shop & Showroom on 23 November 2021 at 12:00. See the entire selection here.