We are changing the fashion world by being a pioneer in social responsibility.

✔ Social responsibility

The manufacturers of our products receive a living wage

❤ Mission

We redirect 7% of the profit of every sold product to empower and educate women in Nepal

☁ Environmental responsibility

We are responsible for change, the environment sets the limits for our operations

♻ Circular economy

Our products withstand time and use, our services extend the life cycle

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Transparent production

We want our customers to know what they are buying, where the garment or its material comes from and how it was made. We strive for openness and transparency in everything we do.

Transparency also extends to our pricing - we do not choose partners based on the best price, but the VAT price of the product is determined by the actual production costs. There is also no need to lower costs at the expense of the environment or work well-being.


Do you have any questions?

Being responsible and sustainable is not black and white, and we are not perfect either. However, we at Kaiko strongly believe that by doing our best with all our hearts, we will bring about a big change. We believe in the power of cooperation, mentoring and sharing information. We are happy to learn from others and share our know-how.

If you have questions about our responsibility or want to give feedback, feel free to get in touch!

Social resposbility

Already €110,369 directed to Nepal!

Here is Anjila and Inju, the two ladies running our jewelry production in Nepal and in the same time creating fair jobs in their own neighborhood.