We create change in the fashion world by being a leader in social responsibility.


Social responsibility

The makers of our products receive real living wages.


We direct 7% of profits to women’s education in Nepal.

Environmental responsibility

We are responsible for change; the environment sets the boundaries for our work.

Circular economy

Our products are made to last, passing the test of time and wear, with services that stretch their life cycle even further.

Transparent production

We want our customers to know what they are purchasing, where the piece of clothing or its material is from and how it has been made. We aim for openness and transparency in all we do.

Transparent practices also cover our pricing – we do not select partners based on the best price; rather, the suggested retail price for a product is based on the true costs of manufacturing. Furthermore, we do not compromise the environment or workplace protections and staff wellbeing to bring costs down.

Responsibility isn’t black and white, and we are not perfect either. Still, we at Kaiko strongly believe that by full heartedly and consistently doing our best we can make great change happen. We believe in the power of collaboration, mentoring and knowledge sharing. We are keen to learn from others and share our knowledge and skills.

If questions come up regarding our responsibility considerations or if you would like to give us feedback, please get in touch with our responsibility lead Eeva and her team. They will be happy to hear from you!

Ask about responsibility

64 532 euros donated

Every year, we give 7 % of the profits from all sold pieces for women’s education and for supporting our team in Nepal.


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