Did you know that Kaiko has a strong 2nd hand market?

Kaiko's products are also in great demand when used, and here are some tips on how to best recycle your own treasures.

Kaiko 2nd hand

15,000 potential buyers at Kaiko's Facebook market

Did you know that our customers maintain an active and popular Kaiko flea market on Facebook? Rare favorites as well as the newest arrivals for women and children circulate through its' buy and sell announcements. The Facebook flea market is a great option if you want to handle the sales process yourself from start to finish and define the price level.

Kaiko 2nd hand

Kaiko is among the most desired brands on many different 2nd hand platforms

It's a pleasure to notice how popular Kaikos are on different second-hand platforms and stores! Kaiko's clothes change hands quickly on the circular economy platforms such as Ninyes , Tori , Zadaa , Tise , Vinted , Emmy and other marketplaces.

Do you want to make recycling as easy as possible?

Ruffle Sweatshirt Dress, Blooming Forest - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy
Kaiko 2nd hand

Thank you for being a part of our dream of making sustainable fashion!

We want to be trendsetters in how, by investing in high-quality clothes, everyone can vote with their feet against disposable culture.

Kaiko's design philosophy is based on the fact that the products are timeless, of high quality and are designed to match the products of previous seasons. We hope that the design will not "get old" in the eyes of our customers either, but will last the entire (hopefully very long!) life cycle of the garment.

We experience great success and joy when we see the Kaikos purchased by customers from previous seasons still in use and delighting their next users. Stay informed about our 2nd hand adventures by subscribing to the newsletter or following us on social media @kaikowomen and @kaikoclothing.