Our handcrafted jewelry in Nepal employs and supports the livelihood of local women.

Fair and empowering jobs

Kaiko's jewelry is handcrafted in Nepal by our silversmith Jai and Anjila and Indu, who employ local women through their own company Aroma Beads. Jewelry design takes into account the need of Nepali women to be able to work part-time from home and with easily available materials, because in addition to work, they often also have to take care of children and the elderly in the family.

Kaiko's jewelry collection employs more than 25 Nepalese women

For a Nepalese woman, the independence brought by a job and her own livelihood is often not only a life-changing experience, but also a way to get out of generations of poverty. By purchasing products from Kaiko's jewelry collection, you are helping to support the continuation and development of this important collaboration. In addition to the employment effect of jewelry, 7% of the profit of each product sold is directed to the education of Nepalese women.

Made in Nepal

The materials are procured from local entrepreneurs at the stone markets in Kathmandu.

Made in Nepal

The earrings are made from individual glass beads that are braided together.

Made in Nepal

Jewelry parts are washed before assembly.

Made in Nepal

Kaiko's jewelry is mainly made of natural stones, glass beads and brass.

Made in Nepal

The first Kaiko jewelry went on sale in May 2020.

from the design to the customer

The story of the jewelry

  1. Design : The design of the jewelry collection is based on trends, seasonal colors and previous sales experience, as well as feedback from our customers
  2. Samples : Based on the plans, in cooperation with Anjila, we produce sample pieces of jewelry, at the same time, Anjila ensures that the materials, technical implementation and know-how are available for the models in question
  3. Order : We select the models that will go into production and place an order for Aroma Beads
  4. Production : Anjila acquires natural stones, glass beads and brasses from local stone markets and coordinates the work with suitable makers (up to 5 different makers may be involved in making Gia-Jewelry)
  5. Training : Anjila trains and supports jewelry makers in their work and organizes the transport of materials and finished jewelry. Many jewelers make jewelry at home.
  6. Delivery : The jewelry is delivered to Kaiko's workshop, where it is packed for the online store.
  7. Customers : Our eye-catching jewelry becomes a part of our customers' everyday life.
  8. Impact : Every jewelry purchase creates more fair work in Nepal!

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Living wage in Nepal

Expanding Kaiko's production to developing countries has been a long-term dream, which has finally come true in 2020. One big topic of discussion is living wages when talking about a developing country where legislation does not guarantee this. We have tried our best to ensure that the people who make our products receive a fair wage for their work.

Empowering Earrings - fair and just jobs to Nepal

We had planned to present our first Nepal project to you already in April, but as you might expect, the corona situation got in the way and the products were stuck when the country's borders were closed. Now we finally have the pleasure and honor to present to you Kaiko's first jewelry collection!

Our jewelry collection was completed - Greetings from Nepal!

We have been really lucky that our cooperation with Nepali jewelry makers has been able to continue despite the difficult corona situation in the country. There have been several long corona lockdowns in Kathmandu, and making a living has become even more challenging for many.