We believe that our customers have the right to know under what conditions the product they are planning to buy was manufactured.

Kaiko's products are manufactured responsibly in Portugal, Finland, Nepal, Italy, Estonia and China. Production locations are not chosen based on price, but we invest in long-term, responsible partners and we communicate openly with our manufacturers.


Transparent pricing

It is of the utmost importance to us that at every stage of production, employees have been paid a fair compensation for the work they do. There has also been no attempt to lower costs at the expense of the environment or work well-being.

The sales price (VAT) of the product consists of various costs, depending on the product. Below on the page, an example of the wear structure of Kaiko's classic Cashmere Cardigan, made in Nepal.

Portugal and Italy

Most of Kaiko's tricot and fabric clothes are made in Portugal. The socks are made in Italy.

Finland and Estonia

All tricot accessories and merino wool accessories are made in Finland. Kaiko caps are made in Estonia.


Kaiko's handmade jewelry and cashmere accessories and knitwear are made in Nepal. The swimsuit collection launched in 2022 is also made in Nepal.

Turkey and China

In 2022, some of our sheets are made in Turkey. A batch of Copper Bambi rainwear is made in China at a trusted factory that is used by many other European brands as well.


Cashmere Cardigan (RRP €174.90)


Our reliable, long-term partners are behind the production of our high-quality products. Get to know our most important manufacturers or download the full supplier list below. Our partners also sign and undertake to comply with the terms and standards set out in our Code of Conduct agreement.

Black Moda Portugal Lda | Portugal

The majority of our tricot products are produced in the Finnish-owned Black Moda Portugal Lda. Black Moda openly talks about the environmental impact of its production and the working conditions of its employees. Comprehensive additional information on the factory's own website here .

Soeiro Centro Textil Lda | Portugal

The family business Soeiro, founded in 1986, manufactures e.g. all Kaiko lyocell and muslin products. Soeiro uses only the best natural materials and utilizes the latest textile technology. They are dedicated to their work and want to offer their customers only the best possible quality. You can find the factory's own pages here .

Aroma Beads | Nepal

Aroma Beads is a joint company of mother and daughter, Indu and Anjila Shrestha share the same dream with us: to create fair and just jobs through business activities and thus lift women out of generations of poverty. Indu and Anjila are the pillars of their community, helping families in the area by making sure their children get to school and helping young people in the area get ahead in life through jobs or study places. Aroma Bead is responsible for the manufacture of Kaiko's jewelry collection.

Osk Sewing Shop Suitable | Finland

The sewing company Sopiva is a family business from Ilmajoki that manufactures Kaiko's tricot accessories, such as headwraps, headbands and scrunchies. The material for the accessories is delivered to Sopiva from Portugal, and is produced at the same time as the materials for our other tricot production. Find out more about the company here .

Nevil Oy | Finland

Nevil is a manufacturer of knitted accessories from Tampere, founded in 1961. All of Nevil's products have the Suomalainen tuto key flag mark. Kaiko's merino wool beanies and scarves are made here. You can find the company's own pages here .

FM Têxteis SA | Portugal

Our wonderful sportswear is made by this Portuguese partner of ours, who already has more than 25 years of experience in the field. You can read more about them on their own pages .

Runni Trading | China

Kaiko's rainwear is made in China by a supplier called Runni Trading, which is known for its good quality. Runni Trading is a factory audited by Amfor and an established partner of many European brands. The company's own pages here .

Posh Pasmina Ltd | Nepal

Posh Pashmina is a Kathmandu-based family business that has been manufacturing knitwear for over 15 years. As entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial couple Saroj and Arundharti Shahi are very committed to the overall well-being of their 12 employees. Fair pay and good working conditions are a matter of pride for the company and are exceptional in Nepal. Posh Pashmina makes cashmere products for Kaiko. The wool comes from Nepal and China and the threads are spun in China, because there are no spinning mills in Nepal. The company's own pages here .

Purnaa Enterprises Pvt Ltd | Nepal

Founded in 2013, Purnaa is a factory operating in the Kathmandu Valley, which focuses on improving the quality of life of employees and operating as environmentally friendly as possible. Purnaa has an Empowerment Fund, through which Purnaa has paid e.g. school fees for his employees' children and distributed scholarships to those who need them. Kaiko's swimwear collection as well as some fabric clothes are made here. Find out more here .

Frankalza Srl | Italy

Our socks and pantyhose factory Frankalza Srl is a subcontractor of our partner Black Moda Ltd. The factory is a family business run by two sisters located in the province of Brescia, which has been operating for more than 50 years. The yarn used in Kaiko's tights is BIOFIL C20 and GOTS certified organic cotton.

Velmard AS | Estonia

Velmard is a company focused on headwear that wants to serve its customers with joy and friendship. Years of experience and modern equipment guarantee high-quality products. Kaikon Caps are made here.

Nevertex Oy | Finland

The baby mittens are knitted at the Nevertex factory in Kokkola with 30 years of experience. The yarn has a GOTS certificate. Read more here .