Kaiko’s products are manufactured ethically in Portugal, Finland, Nepal, Italy, Estonia and Turkey. We do not select manufacturers with price as the main priority; rather, we put effort in finding responsible long-term partners and openly communicate about our manufacturers. We believe that our customers have the right to know about the conditions from which each piece they are considering to purchase comes from.


Portugal and Italy

Most of Kaiko’s jersey and fabric clothes are manufactured in Portugal. Socks are made in Italy.

Finland and Estonia

All of our jersey and merino wool accessories are manufactured in Finland. The Kaiko caps are made in Estonia.

Nepal and Turkey

The handmade Kaiko jewellery as well as our Cashmere accessories and knits are manufactured in Nepal. The swimsuit collection that launched in 2022 is also made in Nepal. In 2022, some of our sheets have been manufactured in Turkey.

Transparent prices

It is one of top priorities to ensure that employees involved at every stage of our production are paid fairly for their labor. Furthermore, we do not compromise on the environment or our employees’ wellbeing to bring prices down.
The retail price (SRP) of a product is made up of different expenses, depending on the specifics of a piece. Below is an example of the price breakdown of our classic Cashmere Cardigan knit that is manufactured in Nepal.

Description Expense1,50

Purchasing price (materials, sewing, labor, pacakaging)

€ 35,00

Shipping (Nepal-Finland)

€ 1,50

Add-ons (neck label, logo badge, care label and hanging product tags)

€ 1,20

Retailer costs

€ 70,52

Kaiko costs (including e.g. salary- and employer costs, insurances, rental and warehousing costs, design product development and marketing)

€ 32,83

Taxes (VAT 24%)

€ 33,85



Cashmere Cardigan (SRP 174,90€)


Our trusted, long-term partners carry out the production of our high-quality products. Get to know our primary manufacturers or download the full list of our manufacturers below.


Black Moda Portugal Ltd | Portugal

The majority of our jersey products are manufactured by Finnish-owned Black Moda Portugal Ltd. Black Moda is open about the environmental impact of its production and the working conditions of its employees. Detailed additional information is available on the factory’s own website here.  

Soeiro Centro Textil Lda | Portugal

Founded in 1986 Soeiro is a family business that manufactures, among other things, all Kaiko lyocell and muslin products. Soeiro is dedicated to its work, using the best natural materials and the latest in textile technology to offer their clients the best possible quality. The manufacturer’s own site is available here.

Ompeluliike Sopiva Cooperative | Finland

Ompeluliike Sopiva is a family business from Ilmajoki that manufactures Kaiko jersey accessories such as headwraps, headbands and scrunchies. The accessory materials are supplied from Portugal, manufactured alongside materials for our other jersey products. Get to know the business here.

Nevil Oy | Finland

Founded in 1961, Nevil is a producer of knit accessories in Tampere. All Nevil products are awarded the Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu) of Finnish work. Kaiko’s merino wool beanies and scarves are manufactured by Nevil. The manufacturer’s own website is available here.

Purnaa Enterprises Pvt Ltd | Nepal

Founded in 2013, the Purnaa factory in the Kathmandu valley prioritises environmentally friendly practices and the improvement of it’s employees’ living standards. Through its Empowerment Fund, Purnaa has paid for, among other things, school fees for employees’ children and stipends for those in need. The Kaiko swimwear collection and other fabric products have been manufactured by Purnaa. Visit this page for more.

Aroma Beads | Nepal

Aroma Beads is a mother-daughter business. Indu and Anjila Shrestha share our dream of creating fair and equitable jobs through business, in this way helping women rise out of multigenerational poverty. Indu and Anjila are central support pillars in their community, helping families in the region by facilitating children’s access to school and providing young people with opportunities to advance in life through work or employment. Aroma Beads is responsible for the manufacturing of Kaiko’s jewellery collection.

Posh Pasmina Ltd | Nepal

Posh Pashmina is a family business in Kathmandu which has manufactured knit products for over 15 years. As business owners and employers, partners Saroj and Arungharti Shahi are extremely dedicated to supporting the overall wellbeing of their 12 employees. The business takes pride in the fair wages and good working conditions it provides – still a rarity in Nepal. Posh Pashmina manufactures cashmere products for Kaiko, with wool that comes from Nepal and China, and thread spun in China because there are no spinning houses in Nepal. The own website of the business can be found here.

Frankalza S.r.l. | Italy

Our sock- and tights factory Frankalza S.r.l. is a subcontractor of our partner Black Moda Ltd. Currently run by two sisters, the factory is a family business that has operated in Brescia province for over 50 years. The thread used in Kaiko tights is BIOFIL C20 and GOTS certified organic cotton.

Velmard AS | Estonia

Specialised in headwear, Velmard is a business that is committed to joyful and friendly service to all its customers. Years of experience and modern equipment ensure high-quality products, including Kaiko caps which are manufactured here.

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