Our products are made to withstand use year after year. By taking care of your clothes correctly, you can improve their properties and extend the product's lifespan, thereby reducing its environmental impact.

You can find care instructions for that product on the wash cloth included in the product. So please remember to check the new product's care label before washing. You can find general care instructions for our different materials as well as tips for caring for clothes on this page.

General washing tips:

  • We do not recommend tumble drying as it may fade colors and increase shrinkage.
  • We recommend washing the clothes without fabric softeners and with clothes of the same color. Washing vinegar can be used.
  • With more delicate products, we recommend using a laundry bag.
  • For tights, we recommend hand washing and styling while damp.
  • Especially products with prints should be turned inside out before washing.
  • Please note that Velcro and zippers on clothes may damage other clothes in the same machine.
  • The clothes may shrink in the first wash, depending on the product, by 5-8%.
  • Possible stains should be removed as soon as they appear, but we recommend local stain removal at the latest before putting the garment in the washing machine.
  • However, long soaking times in cool water may be harmful to prints and colors.
  • In particular, the washing interval for women's clothes can and should be extended by airing the clothes after use.


Organic cotton jersey

Organic cotton tricot is a durable, light, breathable and soft material that, if properly maintained, remains good from wash to wash. Our cotton jersey has a small amount of elastane mixed in, which helps the products keep their shape and softness from one use to another.
Kaiko Clothing - organic cotton jersey care instructions



Organic cotton college

Organic cotton sweatshirt is a soft, breathable and warm material. With good care, it lasts from wash to wash. For patterned or printed products, we recommend washing inside out. The product should be molded into its shape when it is damp. We do not recommend tumble drying as it may shrink the product or fade the product.
Kaiko Clothing - organic cotton sweatshirt care instructions



100% organic cotton muslin

Soft and breathable organic cotton muslin is very easy to care for. Muslin does not need to be ironed, but can be grabbed directly from the clothesline. We recommend using a laundry bag if the product is washed at the same time as clothes with Velcro or zippers.

Kaiko Clothing - organic cotton muslin care instructions



For the silky soft and beautifully draped lyocell product, we recommend machine washing with silk and wool detergent on a wool wash program inside out if necessary. This way your clothes stay soft and retain their shine and color the best. Often, however, ventilation is sufficient - prefer ventilation in the open air, and avoid direct sunlight. We do not recommend tumble drying or using fabric softener, as these may fade the colors. Biodegradable lyocell is a strong and durable cellulose conversion fiber that is made from rapidly renewable raw materials, most commonly eucalyptus. Lyocell's production process is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and the non-toxic organic solvent used in production can be recycled almost 100%.

Kaiko Clothing - lyocell care instructions


EcoVero™ viscose

Viscose is a beautifully flowing and breathable material that is silky soft against the skin. In order for viscose to retain its properties from one use to another, it is important to care for it gently. We recommend using a laundry bag for viscose products. Viscose shrinks 4-8% in the first water wash. The viscose fabric can feel hard when wet, but the softness returns when the product dries.

Kaiko Clothing - Ecovero viscose care instructions


Cashmere wool

Kashmir wool is one of the warmest natural fibers in the world. The warmth is due to the fluffiness of the fiber, which creates small air pockets that act as insulation against the cold. Due to the softness and fluffiness, all cashmere knits are sensitive to pilling - that is a characteristic of Kashmir and with good care, the knit can look neat again. As the fibers settle over time, pilling also decreases.

You can easily keep cashmere beautiful with a knitting comb . You can easily extend the washing interval by airing the sweater between uses. It is good to handle the sweater carefully when washing, because when wet it molds most sensitively, we recommend drying it flat. Read more about Kashmir care here .

Kaiko Clothing - cashmere care instructions


Merino wool

Merino wool is a soft, breathable and warm material. Merino wool is mulesing free wool. Merino wool accessories can be washed in a washing machine with a wool washing program and a wool detergent should be used as a detergent. The spin should be adjusted to small. For washing, the folds of the product should be opened. When damp, the product should be shaped back into shape. The size of the product can also be slightly adjusted larger or smaller when wet.

Kaiko Clothing - merino care instructions



As a material, linen is wonderfully light and breathable, which makes it an ideal material for summer days. Linen has a very good thermal conductivity: on the one hand, it feels cool on warm skin, and on the other hand, it warms in cool air. It also repels dirt, absorbs moisture and dries quickly.

Kaiko Clothing - linen care instructions


Recycled polyester

Recycled polyester is a durable material and together with elastane, you get a material suitable for swimwear.
We recommend hand washing the swimwear immediately after use to keep the material in good condition.

Kaiko Clothing - recycled polyester care instructions


Mohair wool

Mohair wool is a wonderfully soft material and works best in blends with wool and polyamide. This way, the mohair wool product stays neat and durable.
A product containing mohair wool keeps its wonderful softness when you brush it with a clothes brush from time to time.
You shouldn't wash the product for nothing, you can easily freshen up the sweater by airing it. The mohair we use is certified and responsibly produced.

Kaiko Clothing - mohair care instructions