Environmental responsibility

As a company, we are responsible for change. We consider the earth's and people's capacity.

ꕤ Material choices

We are constantly working to offer the most ecological options on the market

ꕤ Quality

We are responsible for change, the environment sets the limits for actions

Environmental responsibility

Material choices

We make all our material choices with care; we find out the material's environmental effects and test how well the materials withstand use and washing. From the point of view of responsibility, all materials contain their own advantages and disadvantages, which is why no textile fiber can be considered as a good or bad alternative. However, we are constantly working to be able to use the most ecological options on the market in our clothes.

Environmental responsibility


We want to reduce the amount of textile waste by manufacturing sustainable products. Our collections designed to be timeless also speak for slower fashion. Clothes that last longer in the cycle have less impact on the environment when the product is used up before ending up as waste.

The quality of the products also starts from the design, in which case a suitable and durable material is selected for the product's purpose. We want to create empowering fashion in the blink of an eye - products that stand the test of time and use and feel relevant from season to season.