Circular economy

Our products withstand time and use, our services extend the life cycle.

In the future, producing clothes must be a smaller part of our business and we must adapt our own operations to the circular economy models. Functional service models and profitable business enable the core idea of ​​our entire operation - spreading social good.

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Circular economy


Our strategy to reduce the consumption of natural resources and emissions includes the development of services that extend the product's life cycle, such as repair and maintenance services, and increasing the recycling rate. We develop new service concepts to support and facilitate the reuse of products, such as Second Hand services.

We pay attention to the circular economy in our design as well, and we only choose easily recyclable materials that can withstand maintenance, repair and years of use. Our products have a 12-month product warranty, which means that our products should last at least 12 months under normal use and treated according to the care instructions.

Circular economy

Current situation

The importance of the circular economy in our responsibility strategy is growing year by year. Currently, it is easy to sell our used clothes through our partner Ninyes, and we offer the customers of our online store product warranty repair through the online repair service Menddie .

To support the maintenance and repair of the products, we also collaborated with Vaatelaastari® , which is a Finnish repair innovation for repairing clothes.