Some people search for the right one for years. For many, the hunt for the perfect t-shirt is an eternal challenge that rarely ends. One is chasing a suitable o-neck opening, for another everything is the fact that the shirt does not show through. One appreciates the fact that the shirt never needs to be ironed and that it remains tidy even after a day of use. For the third, the length of the sleeve is critical. Some buy several right away, for others, one right one is enough.

When Team Kaiko was tasked with designing the perfect t-shirt, there were several chefs in the room. By combining the best features of our own favorite clothes, The T-Shirt was born - one interpretation of the perfect white (and black) tee.
Kaiko The t-shirt
For us at Kaiko, it was important to design a t-shirt that you could always rely on. Just like in the design of all our products, we wanted to create a garment from The T-shirt that will never cause an outfit crisis again. Our world's best t-shirt has a relaxed fit, but not close to the skin, its material is sturdy 260g/m2 100% cotton, which is not see-through. A high-quality t-shirt lasts a long time if properly cared for and claims its place as a wardrobe staple that you can combine in a thousand different ways.
Kaiko The-shirt
The T-shirt is Kaiko's version of an iconic wardrobe classic. When you choose Kaiko, you are doing good at the same time.

Check out The T-shirt in white here .
Check out The T-shirt in black here .

When you buy 2 The T-shirts from 17 to 23 May 2021, we offer them for a combined price of €95 (norm. 2x €54.90 = €109.80). You get the benefit by using the code at checkout: thetshirt . The offer applies to white and black The T-Shirts. The benefit cannot be combined with other offers.