The women's Reef bikini from Kaikon's Heat Wave collection shines in a wonderful Olive Anemone pattern and in classic black. Children's Frill Swimsuit and Swim Pants are launched in the beloved Copper Bambi pattern. The swimsuits are ethically manufactured in Nepal in accordance with the principles of Fair Trade, and Kaiko's promise of Fashion with a mission is thus also realized as fair jobs for Nepali women.

The product development of the Heat Wave collection has been invested in - the good fit and quality of the women's bikinis is supported by the adjustable string buckles of the swimsuits and the adjustable chest circumference, with which you can get the fit just right for you. TOPGREEN® polyester thread has been used in the production of the swimwear material, which utilizes waste from recycled PET bottles (post-consumer waste).

Purnaa, the manufacturer of our swimwear, focuses on improving the quality of life of its employees. The factory located in the Kathmandu Valley was established in 2013 and employs 90 employees. One of Kaiko's biggest dreams and goals is to promote women's education and employment in the world's poorest regions. Kaiko's role is to connect our aware customers with skilled craftsmen, because every purchase is a choice that we can make an impact on and bring about positive change.

The Kaiko Heat Wave swimsuit collection will be launched on Wednesday, April 20. At 9:00 a.m., check out the news here .

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