Our mission is accomplished, thanks to you! Together with you, in five years we have already directed an incredible €64,532 to educate Nepali women and secure their livelihood and support their families. Each of our customers is involved in training and empowering Nepali women-led companies, as we direct 7% of the revenue of each product sold to our aid work. Without you, this would not be possible!

Our customers enable the continuation of cooperation, the empowerment of women and the improvement of equality again this year!

Kaiko's jewelry is handcrafted by Nepalese women. Jewelry design takes into account the need of Nepali women to be able to work part-time from home and with easily available materials, because in addition to work, they also have to take care of children and the elderly in the family.

During our entire five-year history, our slogan "Fashion With a Mission" has been a driving force in our operations as well as in our everyday decisions. Our mission is realized as fair workplaces and improving the social status of women. Social responsibility and the amount of 7% directed from the profit of the products has been included since the first sold Kaiko garment.

In the photo, Anjila, the cornerstone of Kaiko's Nepal team, who with her own activities supports the livelihood of the women in her circle and e.g. trains women to make Kaiko jewelry. Part of the donation amount has been directed to Anjila's education.

The donation amount will be directed through the Women's Bank to grassroots education and relief work, as well as training our own Nepal team and directly to locals in need. We support Nepalese women-led companies that promote the social, economic and cultural rights of women in their region.

Picture from our factory in Purnaa, which focuses on improving the quality of life of employees. Purnaa has an Empowerment Fund, through which Purnaa has paid e.g. school fees for his employees' children and distributed scholarships to those who need them.

Kaiko wants to act as a trendsetter in the field of social responsibility. In practice, this means enabling fair jobs in developing Nepal, where we create work and sustainable livelihoods through our own production. We want to be with you in creating a better clothing industry outside of Europe. Our dreams include expanding our production even further to developing countries. With the help of fashion, it is possible to do good and change things. Thank you for being a part of it!

November 11, 2022 — Helmi Pennanen