"Kaiko was founded in 2016, but the idea of ​​combining business with charity started several years earlier.

- At that time, the news reported about fires in clothing factories located in developing countries and the miserable conditions of the workers. I felt a desire to personally do something about it.

- I had dreamed of working in the fashion industry, but I didn't want to do that work at the expense of women in developing countries. Little by little, the idea of ​​combining clothing manufacturing with charity emerged, he says Miriam Sokka.

At first, Soka's dream was to go and train women in a developing country on the spot and thereby improve the conditions there. However, after studies and the birth of my own child, the dream became brighter. Two years ago, Sokka founded his own company, which combines the fashion industry and ethics.

-During maternity leave, I sewed clothes for my own child, and my close circle started to encourage me to focus on children's clothing collections. Fashion with a mission has become the motto of the company.

Now Mirjam Sokka runs Kaiko Clothing Company Oy with her two employees. The income is channeled through Naisten Pankki .

- Being native is of course important, but we also want to remember the people of developing countries. Our dream is to sometimes employ them, to offer decent working conditions and fair compensation for the work, Sokka mentions.

-Women and girls in developing countries are the object of Nainen Bank's work, so the choice was natural. I am also very happy that we got our own title destination in Nepal, where I hope we will be able to cooperate in the future.

-We donate seven percent of the profit of each product sold to this target. Even though the company did not make a profit last year, the amount of the donation still consisted of the profit of each product sold.

The children's clothing market is a very competitive industry, and the requirement of ecology is already becoming self-evident.

- We stand out from the crowd with our ethics. There has also been good feedback from the fact that we have been ready to give part of the profit to developing countries from the beginning, Mirjam Sokka mentions."

The original article was published on March 1, 2018 in Naisten Bank's bulletin:
Naisten Pankki and Kaiko Clothing Oy are united by the same goal