Gia Earrings, White


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" Gia earrings are my favorite! They show off but are also suitable for everyday life to brighten up an office look, for example with a knit dress! Light despite the showiness. " -Katri
The striking and playful Gia earrings are assembled by hand from small glass beads. Glass beads are a traditional jewelry material in Nepal, and the beads used in the jewelry are purchased from local entrepreneurs at the Kathmandu market. The color of the earrings is white.

The metal parts of the earrings are brass and nickel-free, but can irritate very sensitive skin.

The earrings are made from individual glass beads that are braided together. One pair of Gia earrings has up to around 1500 glass beads! Up to 5 jewelers participate in the production of different parts of the jewelry, and it takes about 2 hours to make one pair of earrings in total. Read more about jewelry making here .

Choosing the right size

The length of the entire piece of jewelry is approx. 6 cm and the diameter of the lower link is approx. 3.5 cm

Fashion with a mission

"Kaiko was born from the desire to do good through fashion. Ethics and social responsibility are the core of Kaiko's entire operation. That's why we not only make our products transparently, but direct 7% of the profit of each product sold to educate Nepalese women and secure their livelihood." - Kaiko's founder & creative director Mirjam Sokka

Already €86,972 directed to Nepal together with our customers!

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Material and Country of Manufacture


Material: glass beads and brass bracket

Country of manufacture: Nepal