Cashmere is luxuriously soft and one of the world's warmest natural fibers - even a thin cashmere sweater keeps you warm in the spring and autumn winds and in the freezing cold of winter. Due to its special softness, cashmere also lints quite sensitively, especially at first, but with a little care, a cashmere sweater can become a beloved credit product that will last well for years. For Kashmir products, we recommend:

  • All knitwear should be stored neatly - a sweater hanging on a hanger stretches and loses its shape easily
  • Gentle hand wash if necessary, with a detergent intended for wool
  • Washing the knit sets the fibers, so initially you can wash the knit a few times a little more often to even out the pilling
  • Often, just airing is enough to freshen the sweater and stains should be cleaned locally immediately after getting dirty with, for example, Marseille soap
  • Knitwear should be dried flat after washing
  • The sweater can be gently shaped into its shape at the end of drying
  • If you want to speed up the drying of the sweater, you can remove excess moisture after washing by carefully rolling the sweater in a towel
  • Accumulated loose lint can be carefully removed with a knitting comb or clothes brush, following the knitting direction

You can find more detailed care tips for cashmere products here.