Kaiko and Valkama have united! Henna Valkama has created almost all of our beloved patterns, and her painterly handprint is certainly familiar to everyone who knows Kaiko at all in the form of, for example, Bambi, Blossom, or Boho Stripe patterns.

Valkama Accessories, piloted by Henna, has mainly focused on accessories, while Kaiko's focus has been on children's and women's clothing collections.
Kaiko and Valkama are now Kaiko with an even stronger team and this is reflected in our wonderful collection!

Kaiko Clothing is a company specializing in ethically produced children's and women's clothing, which started in the fall of 2016, when the company's founder Mirjam Sokka thought about how to combine her dream job in fashion with philanthropy.
Kaiko combines a passion for beautiful and high-quality clothes and a mission to improve the quality of life of women and children.

Regarding Valkama, if necessary, you can contact: henna@kaikoclothing.com.