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"Many pants have already been saved with these. Fastening is quick and easy, the place stays in place well and withstands use and washing. And in addition to all the other good things, it looks good. Top product!" -Summer

Now you can patch, cover or decorate your favorite clothes with Copper Bambi clothing patch! Vaatelastari® attaches easily by rubbing, without ironing or sewing! Clothing patches are suitable for patching sweatpants, sweatpants, shoes, chairs and backpacks, for example. The product is suitable for both flexible and non-elastic textiles and also for many underwear! 

  • The package contains three clothing patches, 1 piece 5cm & 2 pieces 7 cm
  • An innovative product by Finnish mothers
  • Clothing patches are designed and manufactured in Finland
  • 100% recycled polyester, the raw material of which is plastic bottle waste

Setting and fastening 

Peel off the Vaatelaaster from its background a little distance, always from the fabric side. Place the exposed part on the item to be repaired without touching the adhesive surface and slide off the backing paper. If the hole is large, attach the Vaatelastari to the other side as well. You can pinch the small hole closed. Fasten by rubbing e.g. with a spoon for 1-2 minutes. Remember to follow the instructions for use! 

You can find more detailed instructions on Vaatelaastar's YouTube channel.

Washing instructions 

Washing instructions max. 40 degrees, can withstand tumble drying and ironing, NO bleach or fabric softeners, vinegar or bile soap. Let it set for at least 3 days before the first watering or washing. 


The clothing patch is suitable for most textiles. In coated textiles or textiles containing a lot of chemicals, such as fabric softeners, the washing durability may be lower. Due to the large number of variables, it is not possible to make an exact promise about the washing duration. At best, the Vaatelastari lasts for years in place, in use and in washing. At the very least, if used correctly, it should last several washes without coming off. Slight creasing of the edges over time is a characteristic of adhesive patches. If desired, the edges can be cut with clean scissors. 

More information: 

Store the product in a sealed bag. The bag is reusable. Recycling of clothing patches with textile waste. Remember to recycle the packaging as well. Due to its size, the product is not recommended for textiles for children under 3 years old.

Fashion with a mission

"Kaiko was born from the desire to do good through fashion. Ethics and social responsibility are the core of Kaiko's entire operation. That's why we not only make our products transparently, but direct 7% of the profit of each product sold to educate Nepalese women and secure their livelihood." - Kaiko's founder & creative director Mirjam Sokka

Already €86,972 directed to Nepal together with our customers!

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Material and Country of Manufacture


100% recycled polyester, the raw material of which is plastic bottle waste

Country of manufacture: Finland