Elegance and comfort go hand in hand on 20.7. in the A Ray of Light collection to be launched.

Kaiko's theme for the entire autumn -22, "Shaped by Nature", draws inspiration from the forest and nature. The A Ray of Light collection features a layered and colorful Blooming Forest pattern and a serene Zebra painted with watercolors. Alongside the patterns are classic black, fresh white and forest green. All products in the collection are ethically produced in Portugal.

The collection includes multipurpose and easy-to-combine credit products made of soft organic cotton. The Tiered Midi Dress made of poplin delights with a large layered hem and puff sleeves, and the Ruffle Sweatshirt Dress is a warmer, long-sleeved version of Kaiko's popular Ruffle t-shirt dresses for autumn. If your favorites include Kaikon's Comfy Slacks or Everyday Culottes, you will love the new Corduroy pants, which are launched in green and black.

Efforts have been made in the design phase to make the products easy to combine. By layering, you can make all the products in the collection suitable even after the summer for autumn seasons. The Rib Turtleneck offers much-needed warmth when worn under dresses, and instead of bare legs, you can wear the collection's new Corduroy pants as a companion for dresses.

The A Ray of Light collection will be launched on July 20, 2022 at 9:00 a.m., see the news here .