For the second summer in a row, we are starting our Bambi Vantour, which will tour more than 30 locations around Finland during the summer. The park, which has parking for many kinds of events, offers its visitors exclusive products and a program that will inspire the whole family.

Bambi Van tour starts on May 21st in Vantaa, at the Backas manor, and during the summer it will tour more than 30 towns from Hanko to Rovaniemi. The van parks at various locations, such as events, festivals and park areas, and sets up a charming sales event in the area. Check all the stops here .

"Customers have been hoping for a Kaiko pop-up in many locations around Finland. This summer, we will bring Kaiko's products and employees within the reach of both old and new customers in the form of a Bambi van," says Kaiko's founder and creative director Mirjam Sokka .

At the stops of our go-to game, which has been adapted to Bampikoos, both products from Kaiko's collections and Copper Bambi novelties designed just for the tour are sold! There are also Raikastamo's summer drinks, the Wheel of Fortune for the whole family and little surprises along the way.

"Bambi vanwas launched last summer, and it was a huge success. This summer, we expect even more wonderful encounters and a nice summer feeling from the tour," says Sokka.

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