€28,000. You may have seen this impressive amount on our social media channels or at our events. During our almost three-year history, we have donated this huge amount of euros through our charity partner Naisten Bank to support the education of women and children and the improvement of the quality of life. One of our dreams came true at the end of 2019 when our team was able to visit for the first time the area where our donation amount is directed.

Kaiko Nepal

During our almost three-year history, our slogan "Fashion with a Mission" has been a driving force both in our operations and in our everyday decisions. Our slogan guides our choices regarding ethical production and also gives answers to bigger questions such as what impact does our brand have on this world?

Kaiko Mirjam Sokka

Kaiko donates 7% of the proceeds to the Women's Bank, a non-profit organization based in Nepal that works to develop, expand and strengthen women-led local institutions. The development cooperation supported by Naisten Bank promotes the livelihood and entrepreneurship of women in a fragile position according to the principles of sustainable development. With the Lalitpuri project, women's opportunities to earn and save money are strengthened. Through cooperative activities, women also get access to small loans.

Kaiko Nepal
During ten unforgettable days, we got to see Nepal's unique culture up close and at the same time create closer and closer relationships with the region and its brave and skilled women. We also got to spend the day in the community where Naisten Pankki works. We heard incredible stories about how Naisten Bank's work has directly affected the lives of the women we met, making them economically active and empowered actors who run their own productive companies after having the opportunity to improve their entrepreneurial skills. It was wonderful to hear how their position had strengthened and increased the well-being of families and communities. Our Malta can't wait to tell you more about our work in Nepal.