Reiluja ja voimaannuttavia työpaikkoja - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

Fair and empowering jobs

Since the foundation of Kaiko, our dream and goal has been to enable production also in the so-called risky countries of the textile industry. Our dream came true in 2020,...
Joulukuun terveisiä Nepalista! - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

December greetings from Nepal!

2020 has been a special year for all of us. Some of it has been difficult and challenging, but there are always things that shed light on these exceptional times...
Maailmaa voi muuttaa, vaikka yksi pipo kerrallaan - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

You can change the world, even one beanie at a time

Kaiko x Dinadi Beanie is the hand-knitted merino wool newest addition to Kaiko's knitted accessories, which fulfills our promise, Fashion with a mission, in its deepest meaning. Kaiko and Dinadi...
Kaiko x Lunette - miksi lahjoitamme juuri kuukautiskuppeja? - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

Kaiko x Lunette - why are we giving away menstrual cups?

Our goal is to help break the taboos related to menstruation in Nepal, and to distribute menstrual pads to women who need them. Improving menstrual hygiene directly affects women's well-being...
Empowering Earrings – reiluja ja oikeudenmukaisia työpaikkoja Nepaliin - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

Empowering Earrings - fair and just jobs to Nepal

We had planned to present our first Nepal project to you already in April, but as you might expect, the corona situation got in the way and the products were...
Naisten Pankki, osa 2: Radhikan tarina - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

Women's Bank Part 2: Radhika's Story

The reception in the village of Ghushel had been emotional and heartfelt, and we had learned a great deal about the work of the Women's Bank in rural Nepal ....
Naisten Pankki, osa 1 – Koulutusta & mahdollisuuksia - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

Naisten Pankki, Part 1 – Education & Opportunities

We will never forget the day when we were able to visit a village in Nepal for the first time, which is one of the target villages of our title...
Kaikon terveiset Nepalista – Fashion With a Mission - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

Greetings from Kaiko from Nepal - Fashion With a Mission

€28,000. You may have seen this impressive amount on our social media channels or at our events. During our almost three-year history, we have donated this huge amount of euros...
Tulevaisuus 4600 naiselle - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

The future for 4,600 women

During the years 2017-2019, Naisten Pankki aims to strengthen the position of up to 4,600 women in Nepal in the Lalitpur region. Local institutions led by women are developed, expanded...
Hyvää naistenpäivää! - Kaiko Clothing Company Oy

Happy women's day!

The Kaiko team would like to wish all women a wonderful Women's Day. Dare to pursue your dreams, and everything started. <3 Essi, Jenni, Mirjam, Henna & Ida-Lotta